FD5: The Secret of Life


Ohana Vaefaga



782 words

The Secret

Anything can happen in life. In a second something could change. In a minute what once existed could be no more. It was the 6th day of June in the year of 2010. On this day, I decided to change my life. As I recall this day, it feels as if it were just yesterday.

The clock struck 11 o’clock a.m. and my shift started at the Kohala Coffee Mill. The afternoon crowd had flooded in from the street right on schedule. It was our lunch rush. Orders filled the ticket line. I worked alongside my friend Bo during the heat of this battle. Whenever we were stationed together we had always utilized that time to catch up on life. As we made countless orders of food from salads, wraps to scoops of ice cream she briefly mentioned a book called “The Secret.”

I asked, “Have you read it?

She replied, “Yes. It’s amazing!”

My curiosity took over. I asked, “So… what’s the secret?”

She replied, “The law of attraction. What you give is what you get. Those who put out positive energy into the universe will receive positive in return. Like attracts like.”

This hit me hard, like a brick wall.

I responded, “So you’re telling me that I have the power to change my life completely? Just by generating positive energy?

She smiled and said, “Yes!”

After the lunch rush passed I couldn’t get the secret out of my head.

It seemed like the day flew by. After we accomplished all our tasks within the store, all that needed to be done was the floor. As I climbed the stairs outside a beautiful sunset had caught my eye. I stared in amazement of the beautiful colors that lit the June sky. Of all the times I had seen the sun in the afternoon sky, this day seemed to be the most beautiful and brightest of them all. As if the universe was congratulating me on discovering a secret shared throughout time.

The sunset started to dip below the rooftops of the Kohala Coffee Mill. I began to fill the mop bucket with soap and water. I wiped the sweat from my brow from another hard day of work. As I filled the bucket I stared into the afternoon sun and wondered to myself; how many times have I seen this sunset? Where do I want to be in life? What should I be doing to make it happen?

I knew deep inside I wanted to pursue college. I hadn’t attended college outside of high school and went straight into work. Not a day had passed that I didn’t think of attending school again. I made up my mind. I would put out my positivity into the world for college and lie in wait to receive it in return.

When the beautiful sunset was no longer in sight I drifted downstairs and mopped the floor. As I gathered my things before heading home I noticed the request off booklet lying near my things. I opened it and turned to the first day of July. In big letters I wrote, “OHANA’S LAST DAY .”

As I walked home up old Hawi road, thoughts began to fill my head. Day after day it was the same routine for me. Go to work and come home. When the end of the month came, I would pay my rent and whatever other financial responsibilities I needed to take care of. Days would turn into months. Months turned to years. But I would endure no more. I knew if I followed this new found secret I would attain what I desired.

The weeks that followed that day brought forth amazing things. My Uncle who lived on O’ahu had offered me to stay at his house to attend college. My sister had offered to take over my house in Hawi as well as take care of my mother. My job had hired two new people to cover my position. It was like a domino effect. One after the other each domino of positivity fell and painted the picture of my attendance at college that much more clear.

All these things came to light due to one thing that I had learned that 6th day of June: The Secret. It is because of that found secret that I am able to type these words. Why I am able to attend this Creative Nonfiction course. I have my best friend Bo to thank for this revelation in my life. The Secret has brought forth more blessings than I could’ve ever imagined. I am thankful for the many blessings, and the many blessings forthcoming.


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